About CBD

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, which has a long rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. The medicinal properties of CBD are being confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. CBD is a safe, non-addictive substance, and is one of more than a hundred phytocannabinoids, which are unique to cannabis. The most well known phytocannabinoid is THC, the main constituent of marijuana, however unlike THC, CBD has many of the same therapeutic benefits as THC but without the brain fog or making the user feel intoxicated. This is because CBD and THC act on different receptors and in different ways. This allows the patient or consumer to enjoy the myriad of health benefits of medical marijuana without its incapacitating properties. Unlike THC and marijuana, CBD is grown from hemp and is completely legal in the United States.

CBD Uses

CBD has several advantages to pharmaceuticals that are derived synthetically mainly from petroleum products. Not only does CBD have a long history of human use as a component of the cannabis plant, CBD is also non-habit forming, it has a large safety profile and has little to no negative side effects. One study found that half of people who took CBD were able to stop taking the pharmaceutical medication they were on!

CBD has been helping people with a variety of health issues feel better, some of its more popular uses are to help with chronic pain, reduce anxiety, detox from opiates and other strong medication, alleviate depression, reduce inflammation and for insomnia. CBD really is an amazing compound, studies are showing it to be neuroprotective and to have anti-cancer properties!

Below are a list of some of the things CBD is showing promise for treating-